Knowledge management software - PeerAware group chat

PeerAware group chat allows you to create discussion groups where hundreds of people can chat at once. It helps geographically spread teams communicate and work together. PeerAware is free software without limitations.

Knowledge management software
  • Instant message with everyone at once
  • One-on-one chats for privacy
  • Share documents with the group
  • See earlier discussions in chat history

PeerAware is knowledge management software. It helps create knowledge networks based on connected users, shared documents and chat history. Find the information you seek by chatting with team members, browsing shared folders or with the search functionality.

Demonstration video

See the demonstration video to get an overview of main functionality in PeerAware.

Security in focus

You can password protect access to ensure that only authorized users can connect. Communication in PeerAware uses 2048 bit RSA and 256 bit DES encryption to achieve a high level of security.


Share your documents

PeerAware allows you to share documents right from your computer without limitations to file type or size. Team members can browse and download explicitly shared files.


Communicate with your team

Teams from various locations and time zones can have an ongoing discussion. Members who come into the discussion at different times can read the chat history and add their own comments.


Search everyone at once

Find documents shared by group chat members with the distributed search functionality. Submit a search request, and every team member's shared documents are searched.


Open source and customizable

All scripts in PeerAware are open source and can be used and customized according to the LGPL license.